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E. Z. Ong • Kingsman Realty • REN 14094

Graduated with Bachelor of Real Estate Studies. More than 7 years of experience in Residential Project Sales, Resale, and Leasing in the Malaysian Real Estate Industry. EZ Ong personally has assisted his homebuyers and property investors in securing the right properties with total property worth more than 70 million.

EZ Ong and his team offer solutions for homebuyers to purchase NEW residential property using as minimal to no cash as possible to secure their ideal homes that best fit their lifestyle and budget & investors to achieve optimum return using real estate.

I understand that buying a home isn’t just a business transaction, it’s also about giving value and keeping up long-term relationships with our clients.  That’s why we offer the most trusted, as well as after-sales service, making the homeownership process as easy and hassle-free. Clients may also have lifetime consultation with EZ Ong.


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To provide the most trusted services, leaving profound property purchasing experiences to every customer &

To provide the best entrepreneurial platform, to nurture ordinaries achieving impossible dream

Kingsman Culture:
F - Family

A - Army

S - Spiritual
T - Teaching

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