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Congratulations Dr. Munjeet for purchasing his 3rd property as an investment and also for his children who are coming back to Malaysia from UK. He likes the conveniences of the project location such as eateries, banks, pharmacies & retail stores. All is accessible by walking distance.

Dr. Munjeet - 2021

Congratulations Alan for completing his first-home purchase only at the age of 28. MCO does not stop him from achieving his life goals as he knew investing now would enjoy lowest bank interest in home purchase. He also took the advantage of government HOC program during his purchase.

Alan Low - 2021

Congratulations Janice for diversifying her investment portfolio by adding a property using real estate. Janice realised the effects of inflation and wanted to invest as early as she can, so she can leverage on bank loan to enjoy maximum tenure of loan borrowing.

Janice Chee - 2021

Congratulations Mr. Tan for his 2nd home purchase. Upgrading his existing studio unit to a spacious 1,094 sqft unit with an excellent uninterrupted city view. Trust established as he was purchasing products from the same home builder.

C. H. Tan - 2021


Congratulations Sam for getting his dream house at his desired location, 3-bedroom unit residence above the shopping mall. Besides pricing, developer profile, project location and concept, ownership package and current government incentive for homebuyers should also be taken into consideration when selecting property

Samuel - 2021

Congratulations Mr. Yap for purchasing his 2nd property for own stay purpose. He already has the idea of designing the interior of his unit in mind even before the property is completed. There's no perfect property, but only the right property that best suits your needs. Every property has its own uniqueness.

C. K. Yap - 2021

Congratulations Ms. Koh for investing her 4th property. She prefers new property because it requires lower initial capital when she can only borrow 70% loan margin from the bank. Future tenants would prefer new properties over old properties. Furthermore, renovation cost needed for new properties is lower too.

Ms. Koh - 2021

Congratulations Ms. Lim for adding a real estate as one of her immovable property in investment. She says "Don't Put All Eggs into One Basket". One should consider and balance the Cash Flow, Immovable Property, and Movable Property when investing.

S. W. Lim - 2021


Done Deal/ Ms. Jeya/ Kelana Jaya Project
Done Deal/ Pn. Zeelawati/ Kelana Jaya Project
Sales Gallery Viewing/ PJ Sea Park
Done Deal/ Ms. Sue Yong/ Ara Damansara Project
Done Deal/Ms. Sheue Yin/ Ara Damansara Project
Done deal/ James & JC/ Ara Damansara Project
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Zoom Online Viewing
Work In Progress
Consultation Session
Done Deal/ Mr, Leong/ Ara Damansara Project
Property Launching Event
Property Launching Event
Done Deal/ Ms. Vivien/ Ara Damansara Project
Unit Selection
with colleagues
Done deal/ Mr. Low/ Kuchai Project
Sifu Faizul
Enjoy Life
Sales Gallery Viewing/ Taman Desa
Sales Gallery Viewing/ Taman Desa
Project Presentation
Show unit viewing/ Taman Desa
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