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  • It provides all the project detailed info that you or your client need to know.

  • Access the sales chart and relevant information of each project.

  • Booking submission and status reporting that synchronised with company admin support.

  • Always get yourself updated of project news

  • Access all necessary documents & marketing materials at your own pace.

  • Track all of your bookings and sales details of your clients.

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  • Track & monitor all your commission payout & overriding.

  • View the claim status of your sales.

  • Access to all your payment vouchers.

  • View & track your personal sales & group sales progress.

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  • Generate new leads for you via online ads.

  • Lead distribution & monitoring system between Leader and team members under one exclusive APP.

  • Keep track the latest lead status and performance of your lead handler.

  • Weekly intensive training on how to attend your leads.



To provide the most trusted services, leaving profound property purchasing experiences to every customer &

To provide the best entrepreneurial platform, to nurture ordinaries achieving impossible dream

Kingsman Culture:
F - Family

A - Army

S - Spiritual
T - Teaching

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